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Anna Kendrick is a National Treasure

10 Oct

No matter what you like to watch, you probably know who Anna Kendrick is, at least vaguely. Do you like sparkly vampires? She was in Twilight. Do you like Oscar nominated performances and/or George Clooney? She was nominated for Up In The Air. Do you like quirky dramedies? She was in 50/50. Do you like witty teen comedies? She can currently be seen in Pitch Perfect, where she sings, dances and steals your heart.

She remains unapologetic about this thievery

When I realized that Anna Kendrick was perfect, I was worried that the Canadians may have already laid claim to her. Most cool and funny women whose origins you don’t know are Canadian. It’s a statistical fact. Catherine O’Hara, Caroline Rhea, Cobie Smulders — and those are just the names that start with ‘C’! But Anna is not a Canadian. She was born in Maine and I am officially nominating her as America’s newest sweetheart. I am also nominating her as my future best friend but if she doesn’t choose to take that honor then whatever. I’ll deal.

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Read this, not that

2 Apr

Reading in any form is great. Reading something insanely popular is no less valuable than reading something more obscure, I’m just aiming to provide some alternatives. In the vein of “eat this, not that,” you don’t need to take things out of your reading diet completely, merely consider substituting in some other options. Everyone loves mashed potatoes and nobody eats mashed cauliflower instead even though health nuts tell us they are totally the same and we just need to take the plunge. I dislike change but love cauliflower. These recommendations are for if you do want a little change in your diet after you’ve finished all your favorite series.

With the recent success of The Hunger Games movie leading to increased interest in reading the books, I realized that advertising is just as important for books as for anything else. Everyone’s heard of The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Twilight. So that’s what everyone reads.

I don't think this girl got the memo

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