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Popular Is Still Amazing, As Is Its Cast

1 Oct

Before Glee and The New Normal, Ryan Murphy was breaking television ground with Popular and it was magical. Ryan Murphy’s first show was sarcastic, occasionally dark and always poignant.

Though I choose to reminisce about this show and its hilarity in my private life just about every day, I’m finally sharing my love with the world to promote a good cause: the wonderful cast of Popular is reuniting for AIDS Walk Los Angeles. Before I go any further into adoration mode, here is a link where you can donate to their team: http://bit.ly/QHOgyK. Share it with your friends!

Good looking AND good people!

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5 Unintentionally Terrible Leading Men

21 Aug

There are some great leading male characters on television. This article is not about those men. It is about the jerks who seem more like the villains of their stories than the heroes. Guys who make me wonder how the audience is supposed to get behind their struggles when maybe if they whined a little less and spent a little less money on hair gel, they could get what they wanted.

I am not including awful individuals like Ray Romano and Seinfeld because I’m going to choose to believe that I’m supposed to hate them. These are characters that other people love and that receive a lot of the show’s focus.

I do not love Raymond

I know that there needs to be an everyman who the typical audience can relate to. These guys aren’t the goofballs or the comic relief, they’re ordinary and responsible. Many people do relate to the characters I’m about to harp on, but that doesn’t convince me they’re not terrible.I thought about calling this article “5 Worst Straight Men” because they are the “straight guys” playing against each show’s jokers, but realized that might have other connotations…

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Regina Mills is not your typical villain

13 Jul

Mayor Regina Mills of Once Upon a Time is the best villain currently on TV. She is cunning, powerful and has just a hint of crazy. She also cares very much for her adopted son, Henry. In the land of fairy tales, Regina is The Evil Queen. She is just the right kind of evil: snarky, conflicted and magical. Even in Storybrooke, where she does not have her powers, the way that Regina carries herself and engages with the town’s residents screams authority.

Amazing in any incarnation

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I have very confused feelings about Girls

21 Jun

Almost a week after the finale, and I’m still not sure of my feelings about Girls on HBO.

Despite the world’s love for Girls, I’m on the fence. I tuned in every week. I looked forward to watching it. But every time I’ve watched, my end reaction has been “Huh…” This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Clearly there’s a reason I watched it every week. In honor of the upcoming “Girlsathon,” I thought I would try to figure out what made it a hit, where it went wrong, and share all of my thoughts on my new favorite actress Allison Williams.

The first thing Girls has going for it is the accuracy of its title

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Three Reasons Chelsea Handler Should Hire Me

11 Jun

Everyone wants to work at Chelsea Lately. That was made very clear in a soul-crushing monologue Chelsea Handler did a couple weeks ago where she mentioned that they don’t have any jobs available because no one ever leaves. I can’t blame them… it seems like an ideal work environment.

My dream job

When I met Chelsea Handler at a book signing last summer, my dad came along. I had just gotten off work and was taking the train every day so he was kind enough to pick me up and drive me to Outwrite Bookstore & Coffeehouse – which, if you couldn’t guess, is a gay bookstore. I think Lance Bass signed books there once. It has since closed, probably because finding parking there was terrible and not because of Lance.

My dad hung out in line and was doing an acceptable job of not embarrassing me until he insisted I give Chelsea my PRSSA business card. I balked at the idea because Chelsea clearly must get zillions of interested weirdos and I didn’t want to be added to the list of individuals who are deluded enough to think Chelsea actually wants to be their pal. However, my dad made a good case: give her the card or when I got to the front of the line he’d do something so embarrassing that I might never recover. He might not have really gone through with this threat but I wasn’t taking any chances. I figured I’d slip her the card with a suave mumble and be on my way.

I watched chumps try to give her bottles of vodka and get politely rebuffed. Her patience astounded me because number one, she probably has a lifetime supply since she is the face of Belvedere, and number two I’m pretty sure every bottle offered to her had a roofie in it. Can you say “a roofie”? That seems odd when it’s singular. Or is it only a verb? Anyway. When we finally made it to the front, I shoved the card at her, mumbled something incoherent (just like I’d planned!) and she politely thanked me and handed it off to someone else.


Chelsea, let me assure you, that was not the best impression I’ve ever made on a person. I am hoping we can overcome that initial awkward meeting, and here are a few reasons why….

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