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Anna Kendrick is a National Treasure

10 Oct

No matter what you like to watch, you probably know who Anna Kendrick is, at least vaguely. Do you like sparkly vampires? She was in Twilight. Do you like Oscar nominated performances and/or George Clooney? She was nominated for Up In The Air. Do you like quirky dramedies? She was in 50/50. Do you like witty teen comedies? She can currently be seen in Pitch Perfect, where she sings, dances and steals your heart.

She remains unapologetic about this thievery

When I realized that Anna Kendrick was perfect, I was worried that the Canadians may have already laid claim to her. Most cool and funny women whose origins you don’t know are Canadian. It’s a statistical fact. Catherine O’Hara, Caroline Rhea, Cobie Smulders — and those are just the names that start with ‘C’! But Anna is not a Canadian. She was born in Maine and I am officially nominating her as America’s newest sweetheart. I am also nominating her as my future best friend but if she doesn’t choose to take that honor then whatever. I’ll deal.

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Serena van der Woodsen, where are you?

7 May

I started watching Gossip Girl when it premiered because of a deep love for Blake Lively that was ignited by The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and a dedication to watching anything that Kristen Bell is in, even if it’s just her voice. I watched the first few episodes and enjoyed them but then I missed one, and then I tuned in next week and I couldn’t understand anything that was happening and then I gave up… This past semester, my roommate and I decided we were going to watch through the show because the first four seasons are on Netflix and we didn’t want to do homework. This time, my thoughts on some of the characters changed (ummm Dan is awful, Lily is a goddess, and now I like Chuck) but some things remained the same: I love Blake Lively and Serena van der Woodsen is wonderful.

This picture is how the word “wonderful” looks in my head

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House of Lies: Style and Substance

11 Mar

I am a massive fan of Kristen Bell. I started watching Veronica Mars when it first aired, and it will always be one of my very favorite shows. Kristen picks diverse roles – I enjoyed her turn in Reefer Madness just as much as I enjoyed the adorable You Again. So, I decided I would be watching at least one episode of House of Lies even though I wasn’t sure if it was exactly my style. As it turns out, House of Lies should be everyone’s style. It is witty, absurd, and enthralling. Not just because of Kristen’s presence, but because of excellent writing and a sense of style within the show.

Like Seinfeld, everyone is an awful person. Unlike Seinfeld, it's okay when they're naked.

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