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Popular Is Still Amazing, As Is Its Cast

1 Oct

Before Glee and The New Normal, Ryan Murphy was breaking television ground with Popular and it was magical. Ryan Murphy’s first show was sarcastic, occasionally dark and always poignant.

Though I choose to reminisce about this show and its hilarity in my private life just about every day, I’m finally sharing my love with the world to promote a good cause: the wonderful cast of Popular is reuniting for AIDS Walk Los Angeles. Before I go any further into adoration mode, here is a link where you can donate to their team: http://bit.ly/QHOgyK. Share it with your friends!

Good looking AND good people!

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Covert Affairs: A Spy Show That Makes Sense

31 May

Piper Perabo is incredible. I loved her in Coyote Ugly, I loved her in Imagine Me & You, I loved her in Beverly Hills Chihuahua  – which made me cry like a baby. I was very sick when I watched it, okay?! I have seen almost everything on her IMDB page but there is nothing I have loved her in as much as Covert Affairs.  It is the perfect role for her and makes use of her unmatched ability to toe the line between being super cool and disarmingly sweet. I was going to like this show even if it was the worst because Piper can make anything better. Luckily for me, Covert Affairs is sharp, fast, funny, and thrilling. The writing always makes sure to tie up loose ends and the visuals are slick and explosive.

If the suaveness of this picture doesn’t make you want to watch, I have nothing to say to you

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