5 Hilarious Cover Songs (That Also Sound Good)

17 Sep

Sometimes a cover does absolutely nothing new with a song, it’s just a different voice singing it. Sometimes the new person tries to imitate the voice of the original, in which case, I would rather just listen to the original. Sometimes it’s an amazing cover because of something new that is brought to it, like Johnny Cash’s rendition of Hurt by Nine Inch Nails. And then sometimes, the entire song is changed up so totally that you don’t even know what is going on but it’s so funny and you love it. Well, I love it, and I hope you all love it too.

You’d better love it.

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5 Unintentionally Terrible Leading Men

21 Aug

There are some great leading male characters on television. This article is not about those men. It is about the jerks who seem more like the villains of their stories than the heroes. Guys who make me wonder how the audience is supposed to get behind their struggles when maybe if they whined a little less and spent a little less money on hair gel, they could get what they wanted.

I am not including awful individuals like Ray Romano and Seinfeld because I’m going to choose to believe that I’m supposed to hate them. These are characters that other people love and that receive a lot of the show’s focus.

I do not love Raymond

I know that there needs to be an everyman who the typical audience can relate to. These guys aren’t the goofballs or the comic relief, they’re ordinary and responsible. Many people do relate to the characters I’m about to harp on, but that doesn’t convince me they’re not terrible.I thought about calling this article “5 Worst Straight Men” because they are the “straight guys” playing against each show’s jokers, but realized that might have other connotations…

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And the Em-y goes to…

19 Jul

I have a lot of opinions about television, actors, characters and awards. My opinions don’t always align with the mainstream. For example, I still don’t really understand Downton Abby or Mad Men. When I watch them, I like them, but I don’t feel a burning desire to watch them on my own. So the Academy and I aren’t exactly twins. Because of this, I thought the world should know who I think deserves accolades for their performances and where I think the Academy got it wrong.

The Academy and I do agree more on actors than actresses, such as Michael C. Hall, Don Cheadle, Max Greenfield and Ed O’Neill’s well-deserved noms, so most of my list consists of the incredible actresses that have made television better over the past year. I am awarding them an Em-y. Aka an award from Emily. I’m Emily. Some of them won’t surprise you because I’ve talked about how great these people are before, but I’ve thrown in a few new faces as well!

The official Em-y

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Regina Mills is not your typical villain

13 Jul

Mayor Regina Mills of Once Upon a Time is the best villain currently on TV. She is cunning, powerful and has just a hint of crazy. She also cares very much for her adopted son, Henry. In the land of fairy tales, Regina is The Evil Queen. She is just the right kind of evil: snarky, conflicted and magical. Even in Storybrooke, where she does not have her powers, the way that Regina carries herself and engages with the town’s residents screams authority.

Amazing in any incarnation

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Fans Benefit with New Trend

25 Jun

In the modern age of social media, celebrities can get in touch with their fans directly. Twitter is especially useful for replying to fans and Facebook makes a great place to upload behind-the-scenes pictures and exclusive videos. In exchange for the benefits we get as fans, our favorite celebrities have been given the power to ask for a little more from us. With PledgeMusic and Kickstarter, artists of all kinds can ask for help funding their projects and passions. This ranges from CDs to movies to inventions to video games. Every possible creation is represented here. What you may not know is that the fans are again the ones benefiting. They get more media from their favorite people plus they are provided with exclusive rewards for their donations!

Different sites, equally awesome

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