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Playing House gave me 2 new best friends

29 May

Playing House is a breath of fresh air that has reinvigorated the half hour comedy. It’s about two best friends who reunite after some unfortunate (but hilarious) circumstances. I’ll let IMDB do the talking for me here: “Childhood best friends Maggie Caruso (Lennon Parham) and Emma Crawford (Jessica St. Clair) have shared countless adventures growing up together. Now, Maggie and Emma are in store for one of their biggest adventures – raising a baby.” That’s a very broad overview, but the story isn’t really what’s important. It’s the characters that drive this show and have solidified its place in my heart.


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Fans Benefit with New Trend

25 Jun

In the modern age of social media, celebrities can get in touch with their fans directly. Twitter is especially useful for replying to fans and Facebook makes a great place to upload behind-the-scenes pictures and exclusive videos. In exchange for the benefits we get as fans, our favorite celebrities have been given the power to ask for a little more from us. With PledgeMusic and Kickstarter, artists of all kinds can ask for help funding their projects and passions. This ranges from CDs to movies to inventions to video games. Every possible creation is represented here. What you may not know is that the fans are again the ones benefiting. They get more media from their favorite people plus they are provided with exclusive rewards for their donations!

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