Playing House gave me 2 new best friends

29 May

Playing House is a breath of fresh air that has reinvigorated the half hour comedy. It’s about two best friends who reunite after some unfortunate (but hilarious) circumstances. I’ll let IMDB do the talking for me here: “Childhood best friends Maggie Caruso (Lennon Parham) and Emma Crawford (Jessica St. Clair) have shared countless adventures growing up together. Now, Maggie and Emma are in store for one of their biggest adventures – raising a baby.” That’s a very broad overview, but the story isn’t really what’s important. It’s the characters that drive this show and have solidified its place in my heart.


The way that Emma and Maggie joke with each other is so familiar to everyone because it’s that kind of gut busting, goofy, off the wall conversation you can only have with close friends. It’s a special kind of humor that relies on a feeling of kinship. Jessica and Lennon bring the scripts to life with an air of familiarity and good nature. You can tell they’re having a good time and that’s why it’s enjoyable for the audience. There are also so many catchphrases that I’ve worked into my life, most notably saying everything be bangin‘ and using the word kewl. The show is immensely quotable and I plan on only speaking in Maggie and Emma’s words from now on.


I loved Jessica St. Clair after seeing her at UCB a few times, most notably as part of The Realest Real Housewives. She’s appeared on every comedy show you love and respect, basically just crushing it all the time. Her facial expressions are pure gold. Though I clearly went in with a heavy Emma bias, Maggie very quickly won me over. Lennon Parham is a master of physical comedy and a slight change in the tone of her voice can make a great joke land even better. Bosephus, Maggie’s male trucker alter-ego, is a comedic masterpiece that  is both hilarious and strangely appalling. I don’t know if I’m going to have a nightmare or a sexy dream about him tonight.


They’ve recruited some of the funniest people around, including Keegan-Michael Key, Zach Woods and Jane Kaczmarek. I’m sure they’re working now to find the funniest baby in the biz to play Maggie’s future daughter.

What’s even better is that these women aren’t just hysterical once a week on TV. They are providing freely accessible laughs all day long on Twitter. They chat with fans and their replies include jokes, behind the scenes stories, show references and more. They’re the perfect best friends on-screen and off, and I’m glad they’ve shared a little of that magic with us. Follow Jessica, Lennon and Playing House to keep up.


I haven’t loved a show this much in a long time. I’ve told my parents, my friends and my coworkers. Next stop is strangers on the street. I’ve told anyone who will listen about Playing House, and you should do the same. I need about one million seasons of it.

Catch Playing House on Tuesdays at 10PM on USA Network. You can also watch what you’ve missed online:

I bet you get at least one laugh out of it. Hit me up on Twitter to talk about your favorite scenes! I’m @emhig.


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