Lake Bell’s ‘In A World…’ is about to be your new desert island movie

29 Jul

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring 5 movies with you to watch forever somehow (on a coconut Gilligan’s Island style I guess), what would those 5 movies be?

In A World… might have just earned a spot on my list. I say “might” only because, were I faced with this desert island dilemma, it’s possible that I would just choose 5 Sandra Bullock movies.

I went to the Hello Giggles In A World… screening with no expectations.  I had watched a trailer for this film months ago at the recommendation of a friend and remembered that it had to do with voice-overs. I sort of forgot about it until I saw that there would be a screening with Lake Bell present. Lake Bell wrote, directed, produced and starred in In A World… and I was very interested to hear what she had to say.


If you won’t listen to me, at least listen to Sundance.

I worked til 6:30PM the day of the movie and sped over to The Grove to catch the 7PM screening, worried that they would have already filled up. Luckily, I was one of the last few to be let in. I am so glad that I made it. In A World… is one of the most original movies I’ve seen in years. The last time I was this excited leaving the theater was when I saw 500 Days of Summer. As I walked to my car, I texted several friends and sent an email to my parents telling them to keep an eye out for this movie on the east coast.

Here’s the pitch I gave my friends and family: “It’s about the voice-over industry and a girl trying to become a movie trailer voice person.” I know, I have a way with words. Honestly, I think people should experience this movie the way I did: with no expectations. Not because it won’t live up to your wildest dreams (spoiler: it will), but because it’s such a cool concept and I don’t want to spoil how all the stories weave together with my attempted plot summary when you can go watch it play out on-screen so beautifully.

I don’t know much about screenplays or scripts or even writing, but I do know this movie was incredibly well-done. Like 500 Days of Summer, something about the interactions between characters felt much more realistic and relatable than so many other dramedies. These were real people who just happened to be on a movie screen. Lake Bell’s character was charming but a bit of a mess. She stumbled over her words when excited and joked around with her family the way anyone would.


Overalls have been proven to make a person 20% more adorable on average.

That brings me to the cast. Lake Bell was wonderful, endearing and hilarious in the film and in real life. I’m so happy I got to see her answer questions, because she is clearly so passionate about this film. She hung around after chatting with people and taking pictures and overall being super friendly and cool. I’d share our picture together, but I’m actually so pale I don’t appear on film.

Michaela Watkins played her sister. I love Michaela Watkins. She’s one of those people who makes whatever she’s in better. She pops up in the most random projects and always steals all her scenes. Her movie husband Rob Corddry is now officially in the running to be my future real life husband. He plays the character of sweet and doting husband very well and with a dash of humor. Ken Marino is always amazing. I’ve loved him since his Vinnie Van Lowe days on Veronica Mars, and he’s a master of being smarmy yet somehow still likable. Demetri Martin was awkward and adorable. Fred Melamed’s voice will make you fall a little in love with him. There were also amazing appearances by Geena Davis, Jeff Garlin, Tig Notaro, Alexandra Holden and Nick Offerman. After that sentence alone, how can you not see this film?


These are only some of the geniuses in the film and it’s already too much greatness to handle.

I need more movies like this. We need more movies like this. Sure, I’ll be in the theaters watching Iron Man 67 if they make it, but I can’t subsist on sequels alone. Truly original, well-done movies aren’t  making it to the big screen as often as I’d like. When In A World… hits theaters near you this August, go see it. Take a friend. You won’t regret it. I’ll be seeing it again as soon as it’s out, and I’ll also be anxiously awaiting Lake Bell’s next creation.

If you want to talk about In A World…, my courtship with Rob Corddry or my new BFF Lake Bell, hit me up on Twitter @emhig.


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