Covert Affairs: A Spy Show That Makes Sense

31 May

Piper Perabo is incredible. I loved her in Coyote Ugly, I loved her in Imagine Me & You, I loved her in Beverly Hills Chihuahua  – which made me cry like a baby. I was very sick when I watched it, okay?! I have seen almost everything on her IMDB page but there is nothing I have loved her in as much as Covert Affairs.  It is the perfect role for her and makes use of her unmatched ability to toe the line between being super cool and disarmingly sweet. I was going to like this show even if it was the worst because Piper can make anything better. Luckily for me, Covert Affairs is sharp, fast, funny, and thrilling. The writing always makes sure to tie up loose ends and the visuals are slick and explosive.

If the suaveness of this picture doesn’t make you want to watch, I have nothing to say to you

With a lot of shows and movies about espionage, you can’t get sucked into the action because you’re noticing inconsistencies. You put yourself in the mind of the spy/criminal/whatever and so you’re hyper-aware of the various plot lines. There have been so many times where I’ve thought “Oh great, they’ve forgotten about… [blank].” With Covert Affairs, that is never an issue. They never forget. Anything done is done deliberately, with the intelligence you’d expect of an intelligence agency. Back stories are appropriately explained and relationships are explored in realistic ways. I watch this show with my dad every week even though our tastes in television are usually pretty different because this is just a good show, plain and simple. It has something for everyone.

In the vast array of shows on television now, Covert Affairs just… pops. It’s different. It’s eye-catching. I can’t get enough of it. The opening theme is a perfect example of the visual component of the show.

Annie Walker, the CIA agent played by Piper Perabo, is a straight-up badass. She can drive cars like nobody’s business, she is a master of hand-to-hand combat and she wears the best outfits while fighting, racing, and conspiring. I want to own all of her trench coats, only I think if I wandered around in them I’d look less like a cool CIA agent and more like someone the CIA might have on a most-wanted list somewhere.  Annie is funny and sweet and her real skills lie in her interpersonal abilities. She can disarm even the most suspicious of foes with a smile, and a lot of her missions involve befriending various targets.

Probably thinking “I even want to be my own friend!” because she’s just that cool

The other characters are wonderful as well. Auggie, played by Christopher Gorham who I will forever love from Popular, is the first blind character I’ve seen who is convincingly blind. I can only imagine how much that strains Christopher’s eyes… but I appreciate the realism. As a former soldier, he is appropriately tortured and driven. His dedication to the job and ability to think on his feet challenge even Annie’s. The head of the CIA, Arthur, and his wife, Joan, are both stern and deserving of respect while serving as worthy mentors and allies to Annie and Auggie. I love Joan a lot, actually, and I love that she has 8000 of the same dress in different colors. Jai is power-hungry but he has loyalty when it’s important and a terrible dad, so he’s not completely to blame for his behavior and can’t be ruled out. Annie’s sister is frustrating me so much right now because I want her and Annie to be BFFs again but she has become an intriguing character in her own right as someone dealing with a secret as massive as a family member in the CIA. Plus, she was Cutthroat Bitch on House! I think she also has some kids somewhere and Annie is just too cute with them but they’ve been on the down-low for a while.

That is a fierce cast. Children are not fierce, unfortunately

Covert Affairs has had some very cool guest stars, including a charming Anna Chlumsky of My Girl before she made her triumphant acting return on Veep. However, it doesn’t rely on excess star power to move the show along. Each principal character is given plenty of story time and opportunity to display a whole range of emotions and responses to various situations.

There is of course the classic unresolved sexual tension between the two main characters, because 1) this is a television show and 2) they are very attractive and amazing and so cute and why aren’t they just together?! I don’t want them together because I don’t like change and because currently Annie gets a cute new love interest every week which I enjoy, but Annie and Auggie are undeniably perfect together so I have a lot of confusing feelings. I enjoy a cast that is fun, and both of these actors have a great sense of humor so they’re bound to have some great chemistry! You can check them both out on Twitter to get more of a feel for what I’m talking about: Piper and Chris. Christopher Gorham has already used his account several times for charitable purposes, which I absolutely love seeing in my favorite celebrities. He also taught Piper how to use Twitter with the help of followers (and a few too many excited tweets from me) and so they are already being adorable online as well.

This show is fun. It is interesting. It is something I haven’t seen before, which is getting harder and harder to say as everything is a remake of a remake. When it returns in July, give Covert Affairs a try. I don’t think you’ll be sorry.

Plus, remember this? When you saw Coyote Ugly, I know you were thinking what a fantastic secret agent Piper could be…

Maybe all of them are secret agents, like the Ferris Bueller Fight Club Theory

Covert Affairs will be return to USA on July 10 at 10 pm. Definitely check it out, and check out my excited tweeting about both the show and its actors over at @emhig. Also, please tell Piper Perabo we should totally be friends. Just not in a creepy way, play it cool.


3 Responses to “Covert Affairs: A Spy Show That Makes Sense”

  1. chris hogan July 29, 2012 at 11:40 am #

    as someone who worked with some ex-cia & fbi (ret military myself : )..worst portrayal of anything remotely related to that organization. I know show’s have dramatic license & over the top can be fun…but this show is ridiculous….

  2. Randall Selinger January 30, 2016 at 9:57 pm #

    Really???? I like Piper Perabo but she makes the most implausible spy in the history of awful American shows……first three seasons she parades around with a five hundred dollar shoe change every five minutes……she shows up in places with little more than a handbag but manages a ten thousand dollar wardrobe change in two days in third world countries….then she gets shot twice in the chest and has her chest cut open in season three and wow a few months later she has absolutely no scarring…..incredible……and running as fast as men who are supposedly fit trained killers just as fast in six inch heels…..verrrry plausible……puh leeze!!!!!!!!


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