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Covert Affairs: A Spy Show That Makes Sense

31 May

Piper Perabo is incredible. I loved her in Coyote Ugly, I loved her in Imagine Me & You, I loved her in Beverly Hills Chihuahua  – which made me cry like a baby. I was very sick when I watched it, okay?! I have seen almost everything on her IMDB page but there is nothing I have loved her in as much as Covert Affairs.  It is the perfect role for her and makes use of her unmatched ability to toe the line between being super cool and disarmingly sweet. I was going to like this show even if it was the worst because Piper can make anything better. Luckily for me, Covert Affairs is sharp, fast, funny, and thrilling. The writing always makes sure to tie up loose ends and the visuals are slick and explosive.

If the suaveness of this picture doesn’t make you want to watch, I have nothing to say to you

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You Should Be Watching Rizzoli and Isles

21 May

You might think you have enough crime shows in your life but if you’re not watching Rizzoli & Isles, you don’t. I resisted watching throughout the entire duration of its first season because I figured it was something that had been done a million times before, and that between Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Covert Affairs I had enough crime-fighting in my weekly line-up. One night when looking for something to watch, I saw a commercial for the new Rizzoli & Isles episode that just so happened to be airing in an hour. All I remember about the commercial is that they said something about cutting a lady’s face off, and that intrigued me. I tuned in and I was hooked.

It’s not as creepy as this picture seems to indicate… Focus more on their sly grins than the dead man’s toes

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Crash Course in Girls Aloud

14 May

Why didn’t the era of the girl band ever really take hold here in America? Sure, we are masters of the boy band, with Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, New Kids On the Block and other winners such as O-Town and 98 Degrees. But we lost more than we gained when we did not follow the UK’s excellent example exhibited by the Spice Girls. When the song “Wannabe” comes on, you are going to be excited and you are going to like it, this is pure fact. Somehow, though we vaguely appreciated the Spice Girls, we did not continue to follow the UK girl band music scene and because of this we missed out on what I will say is conclusively the most fun band of this or any other decade. Yes, other bands are perhaps more critically acclaimed, but none of them will get you out of your seat and having a good time like Girls Aloud does with hits such as “Biology,” “Love Machine,” and “The Promise.”

When I posted my Crash Course in Cheryl Cole, I did it partly for myself. I wanted to have something I could easily point people towards and say “Look, see, this is why you should love Cheryl!” The response was amazingly kind from Cheryl’s fan base, which has encouraged me to create a sort of follow-up, this time focused on my all-time favorite band and where Cheryl got her start, Girls Aloud. I hope to remind old fans why it’s so exciting that Girls Aloud will be reuniting, and draw in new fans who have never heard of the group. This post will also be video-heavy because that is the best way to experience them!

Pictured: Fun. Also pictured: Abs.

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Serena van der Woodsen, where are you?

7 May

I started watching Gossip Girl when it premiered because of a deep love for Blake Lively that was ignited by The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and a dedication to watching anything that Kristen Bell is in, even if it’s just her voice. I watched the first few episodes and enjoyed them but then I missed one, and then I tuned in next week and I couldn’t understand anything that was happening and then I gave up… This past semester, my roommate and I decided we were going to watch through the show because the first four seasons are on Netflix and we didn’t want to do homework. This time, my thoughts on some of the characters changed (ummm Dan is awful, Lily is a goddess, and now I like Chuck) but some things remained the same: I love Blake Lively and Serena van der Woodsen is wonderful.

This picture is how the word “wonderful” looks in my head

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