Best TV Couple: Brad and Jane, Happy Endings

28 Mar

Sometimes a great show slips under my radar, despite what I believe to be my proficient television watching abilities. Happy Endings is one such show which I have only recently started watching. Luckily I’m a champion marathoner and have made it through a good chunk of episodes, so my opinions are totally valid and based on fact. Through this show I have discovered what is now my very favorite television couple: Brad and Jane, played by Damon Wayans, Jr. and Eliza Coupe. These characters would not be funny without the comedic brilliance of the two actors, both of whom clearly revel in the insanity of their coupling.

True love

I love ABCs Wednesday night line up, I do, but it had begun to grow stale for me. One night I decided to continue watching when Happy Endings came on just to try to shake up my TV schedule and keep it fresh, because TV and I are in a committed relationship and sometimes things get old. I had watched a couple of the first episodes and didn’t love it, back when the story revolved around Dave (Zachary Knighton) and Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) breaking up. That relationship just did not interest me, and there was not enough screen time for the other characters, though I do remember a hilarious bit when Penny (Casey Wilson) realized she didn’t need an Offensively Stereotypical Gay Guy™ to be her gay husband because she fulfills that role in the group.

Each episode I’ve watched of this season has made me fall in love even more. Clearly Brad and Jane are my favorites. Then I quickly grew to love Penny. I thought I wouldn’t like Alex but then I saw her dead-on Renee Zellweger impression and saw her plotting with Jane, who is her sister, regarding the “Kerkovich Way” (more on that later). If you plan on giving the show a try, watch that episode (here) because it has all the best aspects of the show. When I finally took the plunge and added Happy Endings to my Wednesday night mix, it became my favorite part of Wednesday, even over the shrieking of America’s Next Top Model, which is like a Siren’s Song to me.

"Come back to us!!!"

Now that I’ve preached the joys of the show as a whole, let’s focus on the best part: Brad and Jane. Damon Wayans, Jr. was Coach in the pilot of New Girl and I was so sad when I heard that he was leaving because Happy Endings had been picked up again, but now I am so so glad that happened because Brad is even greater than Coach. I loved Eliza Coupe as Denise aka Jo on Scrubs, she was cynical and funny hence J.D. dubbing her “Jo” after the character in Facts of Life. She was the reason I kept watching when they switched the formula up. In Happy Endings, Jane is very Type A intense but Brad balances her out so well. They are just so at ease with each other, I love the recurring joke where one of them wakes the other up too early in the morning and earns the response “Bitch, it’s 5:30!” In one episode, they are both having sex dreams about Dave but instead of responding with jealousy, they support each other and work together to fight the dreams off. Penny makes the best third wheel to this couple, and in that particular episode when they discover its Dave’s drinks that cause the dreams and they both get rid of theirs, Penny decides to go ahead and finish them.

In the episode “The Kerkovich Way” we learn that Jane is a very involved liar who knows Brad so well that she can seamlessly integrate the perfect lie into his own version of reality. She helps Alex lie to Dave by convincing Brad that they had spent the night watching Mamma Mia with Alex. “You said you were jonesin’ for some Streep,” Jane claimed, to which Brad replied, “That does sound like something I would jones for…” Unfortunately, Alex is not as well-versed in the Kerkovich Way and the lies fall apart.

"I just can't krump away the guilt I have for deceiving Dave!"

A recent episode involved a fellow resident of their building trying to oust Jane as head of the Homeowner’s Association. When Penny tries to make her calm down with the advice that she should “sleep on it,” Jane becomes a slovenly wreck. Brad is sad because he enjoyed being the First Man of the complex and got perks such as free hams. Luckily, Alex knows Jane and knows how to fix her. Once they get her back to her normal controlling self, one of the best scenes of television I have seen in ages occurs. Jane and Brad become reigning leaders of the complex again, and… well, it’s better watched than explained:

I love absolutely everything about that clip. Little moments like that litter the show and are why I tune in every week. If you watch that and don’t think they are absolutely perfect together than I don’t know what to tell you. In a previous episode, it was noted that Brad and Jane have trouble making couple friends because the friends always want to have a foursome, so after the slo-mo clip went up online, Eliza Coupe tweeted the clip along with some commentary of her own.

When the actors are just as funny as the characters they play, that is a couple I want to support. Their chemistry on and off-screen makes for a crazy relationship balanced by sweetness and friendship.  Plus, they are definitely the best looking couple. They beat Brangelina by miles and miles. You can watch Happy Endings on Wednesdays at 9:30 on ABC.


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  1. carl January 1, 2014 at 7:33 pm #

    i love interracial couples


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