Tuesday TV needs your help!

20 Mar

Cougar Town & Ringer are two shows I love that are unfortunately in danger of cancellation. They are two very different shows, but both are worthy of air time. Cougar Town is a sitcom with adult sensibilities, centered on a group of friends living in a cul-de-sac in Florida. It has been said ad nauseam that its name does not do it justice. There are no cougars on this show of any variety. In fact, the show plays off of people’s dislike of the name by putting a different title card before each episode making fun of it. Cougar Town is a smart, snappy comedy with a stellar cast. On the other end of the television spectrum is the intense/cheesy drama of Ringer, the tale of two identical twins and the lies they have told and lives they have destroyed. It is absurd and dramatic and scary and awesome.

You can pick which to watch based on your mood or an aversion to colors

Just because I like something doesn’t mean other people will, but for both these shows I actually have evidence and examples for why you will like them! If people don’t jump on board soon, they will be too late and these two shows will be gone, leaving me to watch even more reruns of Law and Order: SVU. I will probably actually go ahead and do this anyway, but I am sure the casts of Cougar Town and Ringer will appreciate your support.

Benson and I will tough it out together. Right Olivia? No? Okay...

Cougar Town is family friendly while also having subtler humor for adults, like a good Disney or Pixar film. It is clever, fun, and a feel-good experience. If you liked Scrubs, you will like this. It was created by Bill Lawrence, who created Scrubs and who has again incorporated his talented wife Christa Miller aka Jordan, Dr. Cox’s evil/hilarious wife.  She was one of the best part of Scrubs and she is one of the best parts of Cougar Town. Many former Scrubs residents have guested on Cougar Town, and if you liked the humor and characters of one you will certainly like the other. Plus, I have NEVER seen a cast campaign as hard for their show or care so much about its fate. The cast members are on Twitter and use it to their advantage, replying to fans, sharing behind-the-scenes pictures, and reminding everyone of the show’s air dates. If nothing else, watch the show so that you have an excuse to talk to them!

I am 99% sharing this picture just to brag

Once you’ve watched it, you’ll be hooked. Here’s a rundown of the cast’s Twitter accounts so that you can go try to become their BFF: Courteney Cox, Christa Miller, Busy Phillips, Josh Hopkins, Ian Gomez, and the creators Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel. Also check out the character twitter for Laurie, it’s perfectly in character and hilarious. Her account was brought up on the show and used in a plot line, the first I’ve seen of its kind. Cougar Town treads familiar comedy territory with a new twist.

The great thing about the cast is their chemistry. The relationships between everyone on the show is what will keep you tuning in and are the reason that it’s so funny. They tease each other, play pranks, and know just the right buttons to push because of how well they know each other. At least two of them are always ganging up on someone else. They call adorable Grayson “tiny eyes” and “dime eyes” and a variety of other names, each funnier than the last. They mock Bobby and Andy’s bromance. They make fun of Jules’s drinking, and Laurie’s trashiness. It’s all so good-natured that you can tell how much they appreciate each other. The following clip is the kind of humor I watch the show for:

Once you’ve had a good dose of laughter and you’re ready for some melodrama and suspense, Ringer is the show for you. Ringer is pretty typical in its use of seemingly impossible plot lines, but it is also pulled together because of the characters. I’ve loved Sarah Michelle Gellar since Buffy, she plays tough yet vulnerable better than just about anyone.

If you like any other show on the CW you will like Ringer. I am so confident of this that I made a chart in MS Paint. That, my friends, is confidence.

Ringer is only missing magic, pretty good deal

Honestly I don’t always understand what’s happening on the show. There are a lot of plots and the whole identical twins thing is more than a little confusing but I look forward to it every week. One week I’ll love a certain character, the next I’ll hate them. The manipulative yet lonely step-daughter. The husband who is running a Ponzi scheme but who is a dedicated husband and father. The special agent who is hell-bent on capturing one of the twins but who has his own sad past.

Through flashbacks we are slowly learning the story of Bridget and Siobhan, the twins who this show revolves around. There is tons of dramatic irony that still needs to be resolved, namely Bridget doesn’t know that Siobhan is still alive and working against her. Bridget is a former exotic dancer and addict whereas Siobhan married rich and seemingly had her life together. When the two reunite and Siobhan is lost at sea, Bridget assumes her identity. As it turns out, Siobhan planned the whole thing so she could escape. She wants her husband’s money and to be with her… whatever the male equivalent of a mistress is… piece on the side? Is that insensitive? Anyway, if any of this appeals to you, watch Ringer for that and oh so much more intrigue. Watch the following clip for a brief rundown:

The one character who has always been a decent person is Malcolm Ward, Bridget’s ex-boyfriend and sponsor. Usually, being the one normal character on a show puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to viewer’s interest and amount of air-time. But Malcolm is a crucial part of the story and serves as a sounding board for Bridget. There’s a major conflict for me personally between sweet Malcolm and possibly crazy British Andrew, Siobhan’s husband. Who do I want Bridget to be with?! I don’t know, but if the show doesn’t stay on the air I won’t have the time to make a pro/con list to decide.

They have great guest stars, such as Sean Patrick Thomas from Cruel Intentions (reunion!) and Jason Dohring from Veronica Mars. Dohring’s plot line was really just the plot of Wild Things, but Wild Things was a stellar movie so I’m okay with that. Actually, everyone should also go watch the original Wild Things and Wild Things: Foursome. Nothing in between. Trust me.

You can find Cougar Town on ABC Tuesdays at 8:30 and Ringer on the CW Tuesdays at 9. Please dedicate your Tuesdays to helping the lovely casts of both shows and keeping them on the air for me, because I am a television addict with attachment issues.


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  1. jillcon March 20, 2012 at 4:47 pm #

    I like your chart. That’s dedication!

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