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Best TV Couple: Brad and Jane, Happy Endings

28 Mar

Sometimes a great show slips under my radar, despite what I believe to be my proficient television watching abilities. Happy Endings is one such show which I have only recently started watching. Luckily I’m a champion marathoner and have made it through a good chunk of episodes, so my opinions are totally valid and based on fact. Through this show I have discovered what is now my very favorite television couple: Brad and Jane, played by Damon Wayans, Jr. and Eliza Coupe. These characters would not be funny without the comedic brilliance of the two actors, both of whom clearly revel in the insanity of their coupling.

True love

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Tuesday TV needs your help!

20 Mar

Cougar Town & Ringer are two shows I love that are unfortunately in danger of cancellation. They are two very different shows, but both are worthy of air time. Cougar Town is a sitcom with adult sensibilities, centered on a group of friends living in a cul-de-sac in Florida. It has been said ad nauseam that its name does not do it justice. There are no cougars on this show of any variety. In fact, the show plays off of people’s dislike of the name by putting a different title card before each episode making fun of it. Cougar Town is a smart, snappy comedy with a stellar cast. On the other end of the television spectrum is the intense/cheesy drama of Ringer, the tale of two identical twins and the lies they have told and lives they have destroyed. It is absurd and dramatic and scary and awesome.

You can pick which to watch based on your mood or an aversion to colors

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Tyra Banks, Puppet Master

14 Mar

I’ve only watched America’s Next Top Model since Cycle 15 but I have witnessed enough craziness to last me a life time. I do not believe Tyra has ever revealed where she gets her challenge ideas from, so I like to imagine that they come from fever dreams or peyote hallucinations in the woods. She has made girls have bees on their faces, hold fire while walking through fire, walk in a pool inside a giant hamster ball, draw pictures of their inner critics and yell at themselves, and pose in garbage – and this is all just in the seasons I’ve watched.

I have no doubt that this is really what Tyra's dreams are like

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House of Lies: Style and Substance

11 Mar

I am a massive fan of Kristen Bell. I started watching Veronica Mars when it first aired, and it will always be one of my very favorite shows. Kristen picks diverse roles – I enjoyed her turn in Reefer Madness just as much as I enjoyed the adorable You Again. So, I decided I would be watching at least one episode of House of Lies even though I wasn’t sure if it was exactly my style. As it turns out, House of Lies should be everyone’s style. It is witty, absurd, and enthralling. Not just because of Kristen’s presence, but because of excellent writing and a sense of style within the show.

Like Seinfeld, everyone is an awful person. Unlike Seinfeld, it's okay when they're naked.

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Life As I Blow It

6 Mar

I am a big fan of the modern memoir. By modern, I mean people that are currently alive. I believe you that George Washington was a cool guy, I’m just not interested in his life. I tore through Chelsea Handler’s books, I convinced teachers all throughout high school to let me do various book reports on autobiographies of people like Lucille Ball and Cybill Shepherd, and I am currently in the process of reading Badass by Shannen Doherty and Love, Lust, and Faking It by Jenny McCarthy. Admittedly, Cybill’s book Cybill Disobedience probably had too many stories about sex with Elvis to be appropriate for a 9th grade in-class assignment, but I made it work. Chelsea Handler’s phenomenal My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands was absolutely perfect for my Psychology of Human Sexuality book report in college, though! Fun fact: by Googling to make sure I capitalized the title of the book properly, I learned that “one-night stand” has that hyphen in it.

My idea of a good time

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